November 30, 2021 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, Marlyn Group, Zephire, Data, Business, Cyber Safety

Is Your Data Safe?

According to, in the year 2020 the United States saw 1,001 data breach cases that left 155.8 million individuals affected. This staggering number proves just how vulnerable we are to cyber security attacks. With online databases utilized now more than ever both in the workplace and in our personal lives, it’s critical that web security is a top priority. Data security is a top priority here at Zephire whether that be related to PCI Compliance or protecting customer information such as usernames and passwords. The good news is that making small changes in your everyday technology usage can have a powerful impact on the level of protection you have to combat these cyber security attacks.


Protecting Your Information

We all know the basics of web safety – don’t give out your Social Security number or other personal information over the phone, be careful where you use your credit card online, and you probably didn’t actually win that free cruise to the Bahamas you can’t remember signing up for. But what about in our day to day lives? Most security attacks aren’t performed by expert hackers – one of the most common ways your online protection is compromised is caused by using a weak password. This makes it easy for your confidential information to be leaked and your accounts to be accessed by outsiders. Along with having a strong password, it’s also important to use websites and systems you trust and only do business with companies who make the protection of your online information a priority.


As an organization, protecting your customers private information should also be at the forefront of your company’s security concerns. From financial information to personal details, it’s important that your software has functionality in place to accurately protect your users information. Making sure your software systems meet compliance standards is also an important step in ensuring your customers data is secure.


Zephire stores your data in a unique database exclusive to your organization. Sensitive information like system usernames and passwords are encrypted to further mask and protect them. In addition, we partner with cloud server and payment gateway providers that share our commitment to security by always ensuring PCI Compliance and other internet security standards and certifications are met.


How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

Does your organization prioritize the protection of customer records? Many companies don’t even realize they’re missing the mark on web security, and believe their current platforms are doing enough to protect them.


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