January 11, 2022 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, parking industry, Marlyn Group, Zephire, Business, Invoicing

5 Ways To Make Monthly Invoicing A Breeze (For You And Your Customers!)

Contract or monthly parking contributes over 50 percent of the total revenue at many parking facilities and accurately managing all of the processes involved is a big responsibility. Zephire was created with monthly parking customers in mind, as well as the back-office staff who review and release invoices each month. We’ve compiled a list of tips below to help you keep monthly parking processes operating effectively and efficiently.


  1. Go Paperless

Not only is electronic invoicing better for the environment, but it can also drastically streamline the invoicing process. Digital invoicing also aides in slashing costs that go into the supplies and resources needed to create, print, and mail invoices each month. Not to mention, paper invoices tend to pile up and get lost in your customer’s mail delivery. Electronic invoicing eliminates the hassle and headache of paper billing for all parties.


  1. Automate Payments 

Providing parkers with the option to add payment details to their accounts for recurring invoices saves both your team and you customers valuable time. When credit card or check/ACH details are added to an account through a system like Zephire, payments will be automatically collected on the day of the month that your organization specifies. This increases prompt payments to help your customers avoid late fees while maximizing the efficiency of the monthly invoicing process and improving cashflow.


  1. Put Customers in the Driver’s Seat

Zephire offers a customer portal for group accounts as well as a portal for individual parkers. Through these portals, your customers can review their account information and profile details, which includes the ability to manage their credentials and pay their own monthly invoices. Parkers that have the ability to make electronic payments are more likely to make timely payments, which benefits both your customers and your organization. Plus, giving your parkers the ability to manage virtually all aspects of their accounts gives your employees the capability to focus on other responsibilities.


  1. Be Consistent

Creating an invoicing schedule is key in ensuring that payments are collected on time. When customers can expect to receive their invoices on the same day each month, they’ll be more prepared to make consistent payments. Keeping a uniform schedule also helps your team find and correct any billing errors that may occur in a timely manner.


  1. Communication is Key

Communicating with your parkers every step of the way will allow you and your customers to be on the same page regarding the billing process. In the event that there’s a delay in invoicing or a change in procedure, notifying all customers of these adjustments is crucial to keeping the invoicing process flowing effortlessly. A system like Zephire allows you to create and send email blasts to an entire location, as well as send individual messages to parkers and group accounts. Not only that, but each time invoices are released through Zephire, your customers have the option to receive a notification when their statements are ready for payment.


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