January 25, 2022 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, technology, parking, parking industry, Marlyn Group, Zephire, Business, Invoicing, Contracts

Does Your Monthly Parking System Manage Tenant Lease Billing For You?

There are several ways to manage your monthly parkers and track revenue, especially when overseeing group accounts. Many of these accounts have terms defined within a tenant lease or other contract, and ensuring the billing system is keeping pace with these requirements can be challenging. Many of our clients use Zephire to administer both their contract and non-contract group parkers and appreciate the convenience the system offers in tracking incoming revenue and space usage accurately. In this post, we highlight the ways our clients use this part of Zephire to automate the management monthly parking group accounts efficiently and accurately.


The Importance of Contracts

Many of our clients have group monthly parking accounts whose billing terms are defined by a tenant lease. These contracts define how many spaces the group is entitled to and the associated rates. Many tiers and variables later, it can be a lot to manage if your monthly billing system isn’t equipped to handle this in an automated way.  

Through Zephire, our clients are able to create both rate-based and flat rate contracts for a group account that are stored under the same menu, making them easily accessible. The contract lease terms, rate information, as well as parker information are all conveniently located within the group account’s contract record. Additionally, contract lease terms can be set for years into the future to accommodate changes for the duration of the agreement and can also be easily modified at any time if needed. The account is billed automatically each month during the invoicing process based on the rate rules specified, and adjusts accordingly to any revisions made throughout the month including the handling of any applicable prorations associated with new and canceled parkers within the contract group. They use Zephire’s TLM Usage Report to gain real-time insight into contract lease agreements, as well as the actual usage at any time.


A One-Size Approach Doesn’t Fit All

Some locations have more capacity than parkers and can offer group accounts more flexibility when it comes to the number of parkers on their accounts. In these cases, the Contracts function isn’t needed, and a more open-ended account set up can be used. Adding parkers to a group account as needed is convenient and doesn’t bind an account to pay for a certain number of spaces. It also allows clients a more flexible approach to managing monthly accounts and more leeway when selling parking spaces. In Zephire, our clients are still able to offer discounts to these types of groups by setting up special rates for them.


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