November 09, 2021 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, parking industry, Marlyn Group, Zephire, Data, Business

Why Organized Data is Essential For Your Evolving Business

Look around and you’ll see that you’re surrounded by data. From health and medical services to shopping and entertainment. Data utilization is common in nearly every aspect of our modern world. It’s no surprise that some of the most successful companies across the globe use internal statistics to drive the most important aspects of their business – from aiding in decision making and efficiency, to increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. You can incorporate this insight into your own business to aid in day-to-day functions and optimize productivity.


Data Tells A Story

Not only is data important, but it’s organized data that really makes an impact. Disorganized data is difficult to interpret and offers your business little to no value. Sifting through many useless or possibly inaccurate data points is a time-consuming process which likely won’t offer any new insight into your business operations. On the other hand, organized data is clear, easy to define, and easily accessible to you and your employees. By looking at the story this information creates, you can pinpoint opportunities as well as build on strengths in your company’s operations. Through analyzing trends and reports, you’ll gain insight into what your customers and clients want most. Understanding parking and revenue trends, occupancy and oversell ratios, and payment activity are just a few of the data points that can positively impact your organization.


Real Life Results

You already have meaningful knowledge all around you that can assist in making your day-to-day business operations exponentially more efficient. Through generating reports, you can keep track of parker registrations, financial details, inventory, and other insightful information. Having this data readily available gives you the tools to identify and correct weaknesses while highlighting your company’s strengths – allowing your team to increase productivity and create a better customer service experience.


At Marlyn Group, we offer a monthly parking management system – Zephire – that allows you and your customers to manage the entire monthly parking lifecycle online. Additionally, you have access to reports to assist in analyzing new information that is constantly changing within your business. View new parker and merchant sign-up reports in order to expedite the registration process and increase customer satisfaction. Generate financial reports on billing and payment activity organized by date, GL code, and invoice. You can also take a look at inventory reports to keep track of spaces and credentials available for use. These are just some of the reports Zephire offers to help you view your business insights in a concise, easy to interpret manner.


Interested in learning more about Zephire, and bringing valuable data into your workplace? Click here to request a demo.