October 12, 2021 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, parking industry, Marlyn Group, Zephire

Empower Parkers To Drive Their Monthly Parking Experience

No one likes to pay bills – that’s no secret. It’s a time-consuming process that takes our attention away from things we need and want to be doing. Luckily, implementing a web-based, parking management system can make this process a lot easier for your customers while also adding efficiency to your back office processes. Not only is ease of use a factor in maintaining and retaining customers, but now more than ever safety is key– especially in the parking industry, where we are seeing a flood of returning monthly parkers.


This past year has reshaped our world by putting safety at the forefront of customer expectations. In fact, according to Visa’s Back to Business Study 2021, about half of all consumers (48%) would not use a service that requires a face-to-face payment experience. Researchers believe these consumer preferences will be inherited for many generations to come – which is big news for companies across the globe. As your business processes change with the wave of new and returning parkers, an increase in convenience and safety for parkers will be key. Meeting these expectations will differentiate you from your competitors aiding in developing new client relationships and retention of existing business.


How Technology Can Help Your Business

To manage this influx of parkers, technology can provide a helping hand in balancing day to day operations. Offering parkers and group account admins the ability to manage their own accounts gives your staff the capability to focus their attention on more pressing matters. When parkers have the tools they need to sign up for monthly parking, set up automatic invoice payments, and manage various account details, the efficiency of monthly parking management significantly increases. Not only that – but having an online system where parkers can manage these functions is much safer for both your employees and customers by taking into account social distancing measures. All aspects of the monthly parking process can be completed online and from a distance to avoid face-to-face contact.


Having a user-friendly, intuitive monthly parking system makes the parking process run smoothly for everyone involved from start to finish. Take it from our clients here at Marlyn Group who have been able to transform the way they operate within the parking industry by implementing a web-based account management system. That’s where Zephire steps in. Zephire clients are able to generate automatic invoices and payments, and hand parkers the keys to set up and manage their accounts. Our clients have seen decreases in the aging of receivables with less effort from their teams in the payment collection and posting process. That’s pretty great, if you ask us.


Say Hello To Zephire

At Marlyn Group, we’ve designed a solution with people in mind. From client users, to Group Account Administrators and Parkers, we have a portal to fit each role. Each user’s tasks within the parking process can be performed right within the designated portal – making parking a breeze.


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