September 21, 2021 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, Zephire, Data

Data Drives Our World

Doing more with less – that sounds counterintuitive, right? With technology, it actually allows us to be productive and increase efficiency in our everyday lives. Think about your day-to-day life for just a minute. You probably have a cell phone that allows you to do just about anything – from connecting with colleagues and maintaining social relationships to paying bills and shopping. Even your car, the watch on your wrist and the refrigerator in your kitchen are likely equipped with smart technology.


If everything around us is getting smarter, why shouldn’t our parking technology? EasyVista reports that according to IBM Smarter Business Review, “90% of the world’s data was generated within the past two years alone.” So, what does this mean for you? Well for one, this indicates that people are using technology at a much greater rate than they ever have in the past. And people have a desire to use technology in their personal lives and in the workplace because it makes life easier. Having an intuitive, technology-driven system in the workplace shifts some of the responsibility off of your employees’ shoulders and allows them the bandwidth to take on different responsibilities to adapt to changing demands.


First-Hand Results

By leveraging the Zephire/PARCS integration, users are able to manage monthly parker billing and location access through one system rather than multiple systems that are often less efficient, time consuming, and prone to issues with data discrepancies between systems. An automated system gives you the tools to transition back office work into the hands of your customer, giving them more control over their parking experience. This benefits your employees, your clients and your parkers. Instead of requiring the parker to spend precious time filling out paper or web forms to enroll, they can simply visit the website and register for parking right from the portal. Eliminating this paper trail also saves time for the employees who process and retain them - that’s what we call a win-win.


Once registered online, you can give group account administrators the tools to manage their own accounts – eliminating the middleman. You can even give group account administrators a pool of credentials that they can manage and assign to their own parkers. Additionally, these credentials can be automatically sent over to an enforcement system for gateless operations and billing / payment details can be automatically fed into your company’s GL system. This significantly limits the time needed between admin and operator to coordinate parker record changes, credential delivery and billing inquiries.


Putting People First

Although the need for people and hands-on services will decrease, this certainly doesn’t mean the personable aspect of your business is eliminated as well. In fact, having a convenient system for users attracts new customers and assists in retaining current customers, as well as increases customer and employee satisfaction. So, go ahead, take the leap to implement smarter technology in your workplace. We bet you’ll be glad you did.


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