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Modernize Your Parking Permit Program with Online Account Management

In today’s day and age, technology is utilized now more than at any other point in history. Parking organizations and their customers are using technology to help make everyday business transactions more convenient for both parties. Permit parking management has historically been manual and labor intensive, including manual forms, phone calls and customer visits to the office. This is a key area where an online technology platform can benefit everyone. Although transitioning your customers to online management may seem daunting, it will ultimately benefit you and them. Like any big change, there will be a wide spectrum of reactions from those who immediately embrace the change to those who are hesitant or reluctant. The good news is that with the right tools and approach, you can help make the transition to online account management seamless.


Benefits of Online Account Management

Online account management is more convenient for both your team and your customers. Customers no longer need to wait in line at your office to pay a bill or spend time on the phone to make changes to their account details. An online account management system like Zephire allows your parking customers to pay invoices, upload documentation, modify their contact details, and request additional parking all with the click of a button. This saves your customers and your staff valuable time.

Through a system like Zephire, your team can also send timely emails to customer contacts, rather than sending letters or making phone calls.

When your customers' data is in one central location, such as an online account, your team can be more organized, creating more streamlined back-office processes. Your team can review customer payments and invoices, retrieve customer contact info, and view other account details all in one place. This decreases the chances of information being lost or misplaced and allows for convenient customer account access.


Provide The Tools to Succeed

When transitioning customers to online account management, it’s important to provide the right tools and resources during the transition process. A few elements of success include:

  • Communications – Make sure to contact your customers to provide ample notice of any upcoming changes, including how to access their new online account.

  • Support – Be prepared to field questions and assist customers who are not as comfortable with technology in the beginning. These efforts will pay dividends in the long run. 

With the right approach, you can make your customers’ transition to online account management smooth and stress free.


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