August 24, 2021 – Meghan Maynard - Blog, parking, Zephire, Contactless Customer Service, Safety

The Recovery Is Here, Is Your Business Ready?

According to Visa’s Back to Business Study 2021, nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers would switch to a new business that offered a contactless experience. This expectation is among the top factors driving new business and customer retention. In today’s world, customers view the safety features a company offers as part of their decision making process and as the above study reveals, not meeting those needs could lead to lost loyalty and revenue.


Safety First

Before the pandemic, organizations were focused on providing products and services that made parking seamless and convenient. Coming out of the pandemic, parkers still want the above, but as safely as possible. Organizations are meeting all these needs by adapting contactless payment options and customer service through parking technology. Having an online system to manage all your monthly parking needs in one place saves time and puts safety at the forefront, allowing you to grow and manage your business more efficiently. Not only that – but giving parkers and group account administrators the independence to control and manage their own accounts helps to create a better customer relationship.


Best business practice is about prioritizing the health and wellbeing of your own employees, as well as the customers who utilize your services. And it’s no secret that the outcome of these efforts is revenue growth. In fact, according to Visa’s Back to Business Study 2021, “Nearly half (48%) of consumers wouldn’t shop at a store that only offers payment methods that require contact with a cashier or shared machine like a card reader.” This staggering finding is a great tool in helping you prepare for the wave of parkers that are beginning to return as part of the recovery. Additionally, this attitude towards desiring increased safety measures and contactless interaction is predicted to continue with future generations.


Adapting Your Business

At Marlyn Group, we offer a monthly parking management system, Zephire, that puts people first.  Zephire includes powerful administrative features where you can oversee parkers, group accounts, and internal information all online. This gives you and your customers the tools to control all aspects of their monthly parking accounts without ever having to step foot in the office. Zephire includes three portals designed for each user:


  • A Parker Portal, where parkers can sign up for parking, pay invoices, and manage account details;
  • A Group Administrator Portal, where group account administrators can manage parkers, credentials, vehicles, pay invoices, and manage account details;
  • An Administrator Portal where your team can complete parker and group sign ups, manage account details, create and release charges and invoices, set up PARCS integrations with equipment at facilities you manage, as well as many other helpful features.


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