March 02, 2017 – Colleen Niese -

How Does Your Talent Match Up With Today’s Technology?

We work with a CEO and his team who are collectively very disciplined when it comes to hiring and developing the location manager.  They view this line of management as a primary lever for both new business growth and client retention across their portfolio and their recruitment practices, learning system, and leadership style reflect this continuous strategic goal. And through no coincidence, for the past three years, they have achieved double-digit growth while exceeding their EBITDA target year over year. 

They will tell anyone who asks their “secret” to success comes directly from committing to a major shift toward their definition, value and attitude toward the operations line manager, recognizing the role has changed forevermore from a lot caretaker to a client business partner. No longer are clients satisfied with a manager who makes sure the lights are on and the booths are staffed.  Clients now expect more of a consultancy based relationship with these managers; they want parking professionals who can leverage technology to affect pricing and revenue while elevating the customer experience.

If you’re in the business of driving company profitability through your location management team and are wondering how they stack up to their peers and client expectations when it comes to technology, then join me at the P.I.E. Show in Chicago ( Wednesday, March 8th at 10:45 for a lively discussion surrounding how to keep talent in line with technology. 

Together, we’ll explore what today’s successful operator should know and be able to do when it comes to technology based on comparative data that’s parking industry specific.  Already wondering if you may have a performance gap with some of folks and are trying to think of the next step? No worries, the second half of our time together will be dedicated to answering that question when it comes to recruiting, training and developing your team along with how to identify the best IT resources to help guide the way.

Do you have a question about assessing your talent that we can answer?  If so, drop us a note at