January 24, 2017 – Colleen Niese -

Where Are Your Career Seekers Clicking?

According to a Gallup survey, 54% of active career seekers are looking for their next position online, a number that has more than doubled since 2005.  With this high volume of potential applicants searching every day, follow these easy tips to better guarantee that your company’s job posts are being viewed as much as possible.

1.     How does your career page measure up? 

With companies’ websites continually moving up the list of most searched sources for open positions (in 2015, 59% of career seekers pointed their browser directly to employer sites), make sure your career page is both engaging and easy to use.   Statistically speaking, most potential employees will complete the application process if the clicks from the home page to the career pages is one, the career log in can be completed in two clicks and the application itself in four.  Remember, more clicks, more drop offs.

2.     More is better. 

With job boards actually falling a distant third behind search engines and employer sites, (as of 2015, only 23% of career seekers were visiting these types of sites) the more avenues to gain visibility for your open positions, the better. Include your postings on your company’s Linked In, Facebook and Twitter accounts and consider alternative posting sites as well. At Marlyn Group we offer the ability to post open positions (http://www.marlyngroupllc.com/job-listings/ ) on our site which we then share and like on our social media channels.  The reach for candidates will go much further and faster across the online world when employers take advantage of multiple sites for the same position.

3.     Speaking of Social Media….

Year over year, candidates searching on LinkedIn far outweigh Facebook and Twitter combined.  If you have limited time, money and resources for your social media program, we highly recommend to put most of the effort on your company’s LI page, in terms of employer branding and postings.  As always, make sure your page is fresh, old postings are removed and displays an equal balance of graphics and content.

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