June 28, 2016 – Vicki Pero - Insights

Ask the HR Expert - The Evolving Role of the Parking Manager

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A number of people have recently asked us questions regarding the evolving role of the parking manager, and we wanted to share our perspective with you!
1. What new skills are required of managers to be successful in parking as compared to 10 years ago?

Analytical abilities are at the top of the list. Data is plentiful in our industry today, and there is an expectation that managers can analyze and make decisions based on performance data within their operations.

Workforce management skills are next. Managers play a pivotal role in terms of hiring, managing and paying employees in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations. Managers who do this well can help their employers avoid costly penalties and litigation associated with compliance oriented violations.

Communication skills are also critical. A manager’s ability to effectively communicate company priorities and individual job expectations to direct reports is essential to maintaining high levels of productivity and employee engagement. Sharing important details with leadership is also valuable in terms of avoiding undesirable events and helping the organization capitalize on opportunities.

2. How are organizations preparing their managers for these responsibilities?

The simple answer is training. A number of organizations have developed leadership development programs to help managers develop these and other skills. An additional benefit and priority related to the creation of these programs is to build bench strength for future position opening and retain key talent in a competitive market.

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