January 20, 2015 – Vicki Pero - Insights

Creating a Manager Training Program – Where Do You Start?

Leadership and business. Success road sign. LabyrinthDeveloping a training program for managers from the ground up may sound like a daunting task, but it is easier than it first appears. Some of the benefits to be gained once the program is implemented include:

  • Increased retention of managers, reducing time dedicated to recruitment;
  • Heightened engagement and as a result, a higher level of discretionary effort, resulting in a better work product; and
  • Reduced error rates, which will make processes more efficient and those responsible for fixing these issues, happier too.

If you are about to undertake such an effort, include the following elements in your development process to get the results you desire.

Start with the Job Description. Whether you are developing the program in house or working with an outside contractor, the best way to identify the required modules for the training program is to review the position’s job description. The skill areas identified on the job description are the core competencies for the role, which can be used to identify the training modules needed within the program.

Module Learning Objectives Should Be Measurable. Early in my career, a seasoned training professional taught me that all training program learning objectives should be measurable, so it is very clear if the employee actually learned the objective or once the training is complete. It’s a litmus test I use to this day whether buying a solution off the shelf or developing a program for a client. Use action words like create, complete, describe and perform to accomplish this.

Determine Delivery Approach and Build the Program. The learning objectives associated with each module should provide a good indicator for the best way to deliver the material. Some things are easiest to convey in a classroom, while others make more sense through hands on learning through job shadowing or computer simulation. Making this determination for each module will dictate the rest of the process in terms of materials to gather, resources involved and who actually has the skill set to develop the program content.

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