July 01, 2014 – Vicki Pero - Insights

Make Facility Equipment Training Easy For Employees and For You

I am often asked whether the training programs we create for cashiers, valets and other frontline positions include how to operate location equipment. As I prepare to respond, a rapid succession of the numerous equipment brands and generations of each that exist around the country runs through my mind. The direct response to this question is that we don’t include instructions on the use of specific technologies, but it isn’t just because of the voluminous task that would be involved in achieving this. It’s also because there is a better way to accomplish the objective of training employees on the usage of facility equipment, and we DO build this into our training programs and you should too.

Balance the General and the Specific

3D little human characters X2 looking at Pie charts and Graphs. 3D little human characters X2 looking at Pie charts and Graphs.

Most parking organizations utilize facility equipment from a variety of manufacturers or at least multiple generations of software and hardware from one manufacturer. The best way to manage this within training materials is to include step-by-step procedures that apply across the majority of situations. A trainer can then elaborate on the specifics of using the equipment where an employee is working during the training process. An example of this for a cashier training program would be to include details regarding obtaining the ticket from the customer and insert it into the validator. When the training is actually taking place, the trainer can then review where the validator is located, how the ticket is inserted, what will appear on the screen and so on.

Structure the Program to be Delivered On the Job

Ideally, the trainee is able to see the equipment and related processes first hand during the training process. This can be achieved by delivering training on the job. The trainee can be paired with a more seasoned employee or supervisor who trains him through a shadowing process during his first few days on the job. When creating training materials for delivery in this format, develop a participant guide and a trainer’s guide. This helps to ensure the trainer doesn’t forget to cover any topics and provides her support to successfully deliver the program content.

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