June 17, 2014 – Vicki Pero -

5 Controls that Create an Air Tight Chaser Ticket Program

chaser_ticket chaser_ticket

Chaser ticket validation programs are becoming more commonplace as equipment upgrades are able to accommodate them. They offer tremendous flexibility in terms of validation program offerings, but in order to ensure the associated revenue collected makes it to the bank, there are 5 essential controls that should be incorporated into every successful program.

1. Utilize a unique, numerically sequenced ticket stock, and store them securely.

Chaser tickets are the 21st century equivalent of validation sticker booklets, and similar to their predecessor, it’s a good idea to treat them like cash. Order a separate ticket series for the program (a different ticket color is even better!) and lock them up and make sure only the person responsible for encoding them has access.

2.  Implement a Ticket Inventory Log.

A ticket inventory log can be used to record the complete inventory of chaser ticket stock, and then each usage of inventories for encoding purposes. This log should include fields for ticket sequence numbers, date received, and date removed from inventory.

3.  Establish a Ticket Control Log.

The Ticket Control Log is used to record each encoding event in the equipment system. It should have fields for the person using it to log ticket sequence numbers encoded, type and dollar value of validations on each ticket, date completed and the employee’s name that they are issued to.

4.Create a Sales Log.

A Sales Log is used to record the issuance of encoded chaser tickets to a customer. Even if fees are not collected, each series of chaser tickets issued should be included on the log. This log should capture the ticket series issued/sold, dollar value, customer, amount collected and payment method.

5.  Audit, Audit, Audit!

Someone independent of the encoding and sales process should audit records and ticket inventories at each step of the process. One especially important audit activity is to reconcile the Ticket Control Log to encoding activity in the equipment system looking for variances.

Are you interested in more information about chaser ticket validation programs? uDrive subscribers have access to tools and templates that can help. These can be found in the Resources for the Parking Operation and Location Audit Tools sections of the site.