June 21, 2017 – Vicki Pero

Sharpen Your Customer Service Skills with Attitude Anchors

Customer service can be equally challenging and rewarding in the parking industry.  I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys paying for parking let alone receiving a citation for violating parking rules, so when we are able to deliverable memorable service, it's quite an accomplishment.  A person's attitude plays a big role in customer service skills, and being able to maintain a positive attitude is key.  

June 13, 2017 – Colleen Niese

One Way To Hire Top Talent In Parking

I was invited to a meeting recently to discuss speed to hire tactics specifically targeted for recruiting parking talent.  Typically, the first half of the conversation centers around what hiring managers are doing presently in this space so we can then identify opportunities for improvement. Surprisingly, it's still fairly uncommon to find a great degree of uniformity across any given organization when it comes to the individual leaders' approach toward interviewing and evaluating career seekers looking for their next parking opportunity.

June 07, 2017 – Colleen Niese

Are You Being Heard Every Time?

Last month I presented “Think Fast, Talk Slow, the Art and Science of Spontaneous Speech” at the 2017 IPI Conference & Expo in New Orleans (to view the presentation, click here).  Afterward, the biggest topic the group that stayed behind wanted to talk further about is how to best manage interrupters when trying to share one’s own thoughts during any given conversation.

May 11, 2017 – Vicki Pero

Three Essential Job Description Writing Tips

Believe it or not, job descriptions play a big role in both talent acquisition and HR compliance.  As part of my presentation at the Ohio Parking Association Conference this week, I reviewed sections of a job description and the purpose they serve for the company and employees.  Whether you’re drafting a parking attendant job description or General Manager, below are tips for writing three specific sections and their value. 

May 04, 2017 – Vicki Pero

Successful Parking HR Strategies

Marlyn Group is presenting a session at the Ohio Parking Association Conference next week on successful parking human resources strategies. We hope to see you there on Wednesday, May 10, but in case you can’t make it, here are a few highlights of regulatory requirements and best practices that we will discuss.

April 25, 2017 – Vicki Pero

3 Favorite Interview Questions and Why I Use Them

Our clients facilitate the recruitment process in a variety of ways, but one consistent step in the process is an interview between each final candidate and the hiring manager he or she will report to if hired.  Everyone can agree that the objective of candidate interviews is to truly get to know this person, determine whether they are qualified for the role and determine how they will fit into the team.  Hiring managers take vastly different approaches in terms of interview questions to get there though ranging from making a decision within the first few minutes “following their gut instinct”, to a promising recent trend where an increasing number of hiring managers recognize that asking meaningful questions and then listening to the candidate’s responses.