July 20, 2017 – Colleen Niese - Insights

Parking Today: Moving Diversity Forward

For the fourth year, Parking Today has graciously dedicated an annual issue to Women In Parking. All the articles are written by members and more than a few organizations acknowledge female parking professionals in specially designed pieces.

A male colleague shared with me the other day that even though he felt most of the articles were written "to speak" to female professionals, he learned strategies and practical tips that better improved his own career development.


The absolute essence of gender diversity is rooted in the willingness to receive perspectives and insight from those who are different than you. To give everyone an equal shot at participating in a meeting, contributing to a project, advancing her/his career regardless of gender, nationality, or age.

John Van Horn was quick to get that concept and all it brings both professionally and personally back in 2011 and has been a champion of Women In Parking since. LAZ Parking became our first Platinum Corporate Sponsor with ProPark/WinPark, ABM, Citizens Lanier, Impark, Passport, and SpotHero all became partners with W.I.P. early on as well and have contributed both financially and with volunteers as evidenced in July issue.

I've been the Editor for this issue every year and as I've said now several times, while every W.I.P. Parking Today issue has been memorable for all the expected reasons and many, many thanks for all those who've contributed over these past years, I have to give a nod to this year's edition contributors in that you have each raised the bar!

The magazine itself is diverse in that it covers a wide range of topics from mentoring advice to emerging leaders to building bench strength, the importance of communications during M&A's and ten great tips on how to hire with quality and speed.

If you'd like to learn more about how gender diversity at every level of any company rises the tide for all in terms of profitability and sustained success and would like to put supporting strategies and tactics to work, while building your network and potential business opportunities, click here to read the 2017 Parking Today Women In Parking edition: Parking Today July 2017