November 29, 2016 – Vicki Pero - Insights


My business partner, Colleen Niese, recently delivered an education session at the Women In Parking Annual Conference, and I was reminded of an exchange we had about this presentation when she first developed it a few years ago.  The program includes an exercise that is a bit risky in terms of how it will be received by the audience, and when she first developed it, she was concerned that it might upset members of the audience.  Every time she has delivered this program, not only has the WTF exercise been well received, it has been the most memorable part of the session for most participants and likely the catalyst for change for many of them. 

So what is the takeaway here?

It is the natural tendency of adults to avoid risk.  We want to go for the sure thing, avoid embarrassment, play it safe.  Each time I reflect on Colleen’s program, I’m reminded that taking risks is key to development, advancement and progress.  This applies to work and life in general. 

Colleen could have removed that exercise from the program, and it would still be okay.  The WTF exercise makes the difference between a middle of the road session and one that is memorable and meaningful to participants. 

As year-end approaches, many of us are reflecting back on this past year’s accomplishments and opportunities for improvement, which will help us set goals and priorities for the new year.  My challenge to you is to look for those moments where you could play it safe and stretch out of your comfort zone.  You may not always get exactly the result you’re hoping for, but I promise that you’ll grow from the experience and be further along than you were when you started. 

Are you wondering what the WTF exercise is all about?  Drop us a line at to find out.