July 28, 2015 – Colleen Niese - Insights

How Satisfied Are You?

michaelscottJobvite recently released their 2015 Job Seeker survey that included questions regarding both job satisfaction and career opportunities objectives. Interestingly enough, the results have revealed that in the current recovery economy job seekers are in the driver’s seat. Some interesting stats to support this conclusion:

60% of job seekers are equally or more optimistic about job opportunities as compared to 2014 respondents and 45% stated that while they are satisfied in their current position, they are open to new opportunities.

  • Lack of growth remains one of the top reasons for an employee to leave and interestingly enough, compensation has risen to the top of the list where in past years it’s been ranked at number 5 or lower down the list of employee priorities.
  • As mobile apps and social media continue to improve access to career opportunity postings, 30% of respondents reply they search for their next job, on the job, with 21% surfing the net during meetings.

As the employees job market continues to trend down this path, we at The Marlyn Group the industry would want to know the parking professional’s view toward both current job satisfaction and career opportunities. The statistics from this survey will be shared in a future blog along with key findings that will help support any company’s effort toward employee retention.

To complete this brief survey, just click on this link:


Many thanks in advance for your participation and we look forward to posting the results in the coming weeks!