September 02, 2014 – cscharte - Insights

How To Start a Valet: An Interview With Vicki Pero by The Valet Spot

The Marlyn Group’s very own Vicki Pero was interviewed by The Valet Spot for their Valet Parking Podcast.  Vicki covers a wide range of topics that Valet Companies face and discusses her experience in resolving issues that many organizations face in this sector of the parking industry.  She also talks about how to recruit and retain key talent, and her thoughts about the future of the valet segment of the parking industry.

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Valet parking podcast Valet parking podcast

We are thrilled to have Vicki Pero on today’s episode! Vicki is one of two Principals of Marlyn Group LLC, a parking services consultancy that partners with private and public organizations to provide comprehensive deliverables that blend best practices with parking world reality.  Recognizing that the parking industry is rapidly evolving on many fronts, The Marlyn Group offers scalable solutions to fit the client's budget and time constraints. Thair goal is to collaborate with you to help achieve your objectives.   Vicki has seventeen years of operations and administration experience with national parking companies.

On this episode of The Valet Parking Podcast, Vicki shares her expertise on how to start a valet and the operations and systems needed to run it successfully.

You’re going to want to tune into this episode because Vicki shares how to build solid structure programs for new and experienced owners. You’ll also find out how customer development can help increase the value of your services.

Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • The common request from valet parking operators
  • How to attract and retain valet employees
  • Why on-boarding programs are a must for a valet business
  • How to REDUCE the high turn-over rate
  • The process for opening a new valet location
  • Where to look for help in taking your business to the next level
  • The future of the valet industry with technology and Green initiatives