February 14, 2019 – Tim Winterich - Human Resources, parking, company culture, holidays

What Professions Celebrate Valentine's Day In Style?


What profession is the most romantic?  According to a recent OnBuy.com survey, 78% of Marketing and Sales employees are the most romantic and expect to do something special for their partners. 

Close behind in the love race profession is Customer Service with 71%.  HR related employees clock in at 60%.  Which isn't bad compared to the other end of the spectrum where 42% of Accounting and only 37% of IT workers expect to celebrate the big lover's day in any way.

At the company level, 38% of the respondents said their company will celebrate Valentine's Day with activities and 52% of employees overall in the survey will send a card, flowers or treats to their amoureux in other offices. And of the 2,784 employees interviewed, 26% have decided to go all-in with their celebrations by taking the day off.

As far as industries that see the biggest bump in sales on Cupid's day, retail, entertainment districts and hotels are the clear winners, given the average American spends about $145.00 to celebrate their love for another (according Forbes Magazine); with a portion of that spend going toward parking in the perfect spot to kick off the celebration.

Many operators get into the spirit of celebrating their customer appreciation love by:

  • giving away flowers or chocolates to all who enter their facility;
  • sharing customer service success stories;
  • decorating cashier booths and pay stations with hearts and cupid's arrows; or
  • rewarding their best customers with parking coupons and notes of appreciation.

In the busy world of work, taking time today to acknowledge another's importance in your life is what Valentine's Day is all about. If you've got a unique way of saying thank-you to your coworkers or customers, we'd love to hear from you at letsconnect@marlyngroupllc.com!