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October 06, 2015 – Colleen Niese

Do You Lead Someone With Red Lipstick?

Four high school girls thought it would be funny to wear bright red lipstick to school and kiss the bathroom mirror, leaving their mark for all to see. Once their homeroom teacher figured out what the four were up to she issued demerits in an attempt to get them to stop it. The punishment proved useless as the girls came to school day after day with lipstick in hand. Until one day when the teacher called the girls into the ladies room where the school’s custodian was waiting with her. She asked him to demonstrate to the girls how he cleaned the mess they’d leave behind. He proceeded to dunk his mop into a toilet and wash down the mirror.
No more red lipstick.

September 23, 2015 – Vicki Pero

You’re a New Leader – Will You Change the Culture or Will It Change You?

Between the Marlyn Group’s recruitment and consulting activities, quite often we are involved in the onboarding and coaching of new leaders within an organization. There are many drivers behind these personnel changes, but a common theme among them is a desire for change. The early days for a leader in a new role are a telling time for whether he or she will deliver on those anticipated changes or become part of the status quo. If you have recently taken on a new role or are considering a career move keep the following in mind to stay on track with your objectives.

May 13, 2015 – Vicki Pero

Are You a Boss Or a Leader?

When you interact with your employees, the way you approach these situations will define you as a boss or a leader. Bosses direct people to do work, while leaders inspire people to perform. The work environment created by each of these approaches can dramatically impact bottom line results, as people who are led are likely to be much more engaged and contribute discretionary effort, due to a higher level of connectivity and engagement to the company’s bigger picture.
A professional who relies on a style where the manager makes all the decisions without any input from the their team members would likely be labeled a boss. To be a leader requires vision, consistent interaction and authentic trust in both yourself and others. Below are characteristics of each type of manager. Which describes you best?

December 02, 2014 – Colleen Niese

Don’t Fall Prey to These Two Leadership Pitfalls

Leadership Traps