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September 27, 2018 – Vicki Pero

Talent Acquisition or Recruitment - Are Your Efforts Getting Results?

The activities involved in attracting and hiring candidates for open positions are commonly categorized as talent acquisition or recruitment. While these terms are often considered interchangeable, the tactics associated with each are quite different. As you might expect, they also yield different results. In today's hyper-competitive parking industry talent market, we all need to bring our A game to attract the best candidates, and the best way to do this is through talent acquisition. Read on to see the key differences between the two approaches as compared to your own practices to ensure you're getting the best results from your efforts.

June 21, 2018 – Vicki Pero

What's Most Important to Parking Professionals When It Comes to Job Satisfaction?

The American economy is booming, unemployment rates are low across the country, and in one study, 33% of employees say that they feel high levels of engagement at work.  Employee Benefit News also recently reported it costs employers an average of 33% of an employee’s annual salary each time a position turns over. Clearly both stats speak volumes about the high cost of turnover and employee dissatisfaction to employers in the broad sense when looking at today's workforce as a whole.

June 08, 2018 – Colleen Niese

How To Hire the Best (vs. the "Familiar")

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure in attending my niece's university graduation ceremony at Wellesley College. The energy created from celebrating 500 women from around the world who collectively earned such an achievement through their intellect and effort was inspiring. Given I was about to moderate a panel discussion at the IPI's Annual Conference & Expo, one troubling thought that came to mind that day was what a shame it would be if any of these graduates lost out on a well-earned opportunity simply because of her gender.