May 14, 2014 – Colleen Niese - Insights

Throw ‘Em The Keys and Let’s See if He Can Swim!

car and house keys car and house keys

Given that the operations manager at the location level is typically most relied on in terms of meeting client expectations, we always find it interesting when the new hire orientation and training plan is still described as, “let’s throw them the keys and they’ll either sink or swim.”   What we’ve found over time is that a competitive advantage that can be missed is leveraging the skills and expertise of the parking manager systematically through an established employee development program, specifically recruitment, onboarding and training, to meet the broad spectrum of client requirements.

Want a Job? Review the recruiting and interview practices for the location manager through a critical eye. Does the job ad “sell or tell” the position from a marketing standpoint? Today’s candidate is as interested in learning about how the open position supports her career objectives and the company’s culture as the job responsibilities themselves.   When it comes to interviewing, make sure there’s a good balance between the fundamentals of parking operations, technology and financial reporting to ensure the candidate can meet the demands of today’s client expectations.

Welcome To The Company! As studies have proven time and again, one of the key drivers to new hire retention within the first ninety days is a comprehensive onboarding and training program. New employees need to complete the necessary paperwork and receive the employee handbook as part of their first days with the organization but they also benefit by learning about their company and their job through a structured program. When building the new hire orientation; be sure it includes a description of the company’s culture and leadership competencies in addition to the usual company history and key statistics.   To gauge the quality of the program, conduct pulse surveys from recent hires asking questions related to what works, what doesn’t, and from their perspective, what can be changed for improvement.

It’s Time to Perform! Any training program can demonstrate the procedures to follow when it comes to meeting job requirements but those programs that also provide in depth education tied to the logic behind the job responsibility will guarantee better learning retention and engagement from the employee. Specifically, employees want to know why specific tasks are done certain ways, not just the related steps to completing a particular task.

When we work with clients to establish these types of employee development programs, either through our consultancy or uDrive, we can tie a direct link between improved operational manager performance and better financial results every time a company leverages their recruiting, onboarding and training practices.