April 07, 2014 – Vicki Pero - Insights

Three Ways to Set Up Your Enforcement Patrollers for Success

parking ticket on car windscreen parking ticket on car windscreen

Most people who have worked in the parking industry know that the job of enforcement patrollers is challenging. If you aren’t in the loop on this, I recommend watching an episode of A & E’s Parking Wars. This job is all about monitoring the behavior of others with respect to their parking practices and issuing citations to those who don’t follow the rules. Given the inherent challenges of the position, as managers, we want to do everything possible to help employees succeed in this role, but how do we do it?

1. Provide Training Support.

Enforcement Patrollers will perform at their best when they receive job skills and interpersonal communications training. There is a lot to learn in terms of routes, equipment, types of citations, when to issue them and so on.

Organizations often provide employees who deal with the public, Customer Service training; however, this group also needs Conflict Resolution training that can help them to deescalate a situation or possibly avoid conflict altogether.

2. Provide Up to Date Route Instructions.

Little details regarding when, how and what should be enforced on routes change all of the time. It is easy for these things to slip through the cracks resulting in citations being issued erroneously. These errors can be avoided by establishing Route Enforcement Instructions that are provided on a clipboard and taken on the route with the other shift equipment. Instructions can include types of citations and offenses that are enforced, hours of enforcement, special handling requirements for certain vehicles, and any other relevant details that will help to effectively enforce the route. As long as the instructions are updated each time a change is made, Enforcement Patrollers will always have confidence that they have the most current information.

3. Back Up Your Patrollers with a Meaningful Void Process.

It can be demotivating for Enforcement Patrollers if the citations they issue are routinely voided without merit. There are many legitimate business reasons why citations sometimes need to be voided; however, you can show your support to this group and their efforts on the frontlines by establishing guidelines for voiding citations. Developing an approval process and tracking mechanism to support the guidelines will help to ensure the program’s success.

Are you interested in more information about on and off street enforcement programs? uDrive subscribers have access to tools and templates that can help. These can be found in the Resources for the Parking Manager and Resources for the Parking Operation sections of the site.