June 28, 2017 – Colleen Niese - Audit, Recruitment

Are Your Parking Careers Posted Where Candidates Are Looking?

Recently I was with a client who was lamenting that his company was having a tough time attracting a more diverse candidate pool for any given parking operations manager position. We jumped onto his company's career page, reviewed the parking job postings on a couple of other sites and discovered two easy opportunities pretty quickly: his company wasn't present on those sites where career seekers are looking and his postings were about as interesting to read as a telephone book.

According to our last Parking Career Seeker survey, today's parking professional is looking for his/her next move online, more commonly on the company's website. As well, though, they are also checking out opportunities on LinkedIn Forums, and the career boards found on International Parking Institute (parking.org), Parking Today (parkingtoday.com) and National Parking Association (weareparking.org). Each of these organizations offer job postings online and in print (Parking Today only) for very reasonable costs and I'm sure each one would attest that they draw hundreds of views, if not thousands, on average each month.

Back to social media sites: we found career seekers aren't searching on Facebook nearly as much as LinkedIn. Through a very simple search, your Recruiting team can register for dozens of parking related Group Forums within a morning and post, at no cost, your company's open positions. Be sure to look at the member count when you sign up for any given forum, obviously the higher number of members, the more eyeballs on your postings.

Speaking of which, if you're still copying and pasting the open position's job description and calling it a job ad, I have bad news for you: it's not an ad, it's still a job description. And it's likely being ignored for those postings that truly engage the job seeker. Remember: the job ad serves a super important role in marketing to potential employees the job itself and as importantly, the company's culture. A few quick tips to easily and quickly transition your online job description into a true employer branding piece:

  • Include what the candidate receives in return for working at your company; not just "pay commensurate with your experience" vacation, and health insurance, but expand on describing what it's truly like working at your company from a value perspective.
  • The phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be more relevant with your posting. Take advantage of the ad space by balancing pictures and infographics with content.
  • Look at your posting through a critical eye - are you telling or selling? If your job ad reads more like a policy, you're telling. If you have a call to action, the messaging itself plays to both knowledge and emotion (check out passportinc.com to see what I mean), and it represents the job opening as a true opportunity, then you're selling.

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