July 26, 2017 – Vicki Pero - Insights, Blog, Recruitment

3 Tips to Recruit for Hourly Parking Jobs

"This is the most fun interview I've ever been to!"  said a candidate who attended a recent group interview session I facilitated for a client as part of a large hotel valet opening.  It was great to hear this feedback from one of the applicants, but what was even better is that my client and I left the session feeling like we could objectively evaluate each attendee's potential to succeed as a hotel valet.

We hired 11 people during two 90-minute sessions that day, and here are 3 tips that led to our success recruiting for these valet jobs.

When First Contacting Hourly Candidates, Texting Rules

IPI's Kim Fernandez recently posted an observation on LinkedIn that her son is starting to receive emails from colleges encouraging him to apply, and he doesn't check his email unless he is expecting a specific message.  Most of these messages are missing the mark.    

This trend carries through to hourly worforce recruitment.  In our experience, scheduling phone screens with Valet candidates by intially sending them a text message requesting a time to call gets a response rate close to 100%.  Alternatively, making initial contact by phone or email gets a response rate below 25%.  

Treat Candidates Like Human Beings Not Numbers

Volume is key when hiring an hourly workforce, because so many people drop out of the process along the way.  Treating each candidate like just another number though has its problems, including contributing to candidates dropping out of the process without you even realizing this is the cause.  

Make a point to sell each candidate on the role by providing an overview of the company, project and job duties.  Don't mislead them when it comes to less desirable aspects of the position, but highlight the selling points of the opportunity. Also make an effort to consider the applicant's needs during the call.  You can do this by allowing time for them to ask questions and providing clear next steps in the process.  

Group Interviews Are Fun! 

The candidate I mentioned at the beginning of this post is right!  When we conduct group interviews, we include up to 15 candidates in each session and facilitate a series of individual and group activities to see how they conduct themselves and interact with others.  If you aren't sure whether group interviews are for you, here are 4 reasons to reconsider:

  1. Interviewing 15 people in 90 minutes is much more efficient than 15 to 30 minute one on one interviews.
  2. It is much easier to evaluate how someone will interact with other people by observing them during group activities than asking them an interview question and having them provide a response.  
  3. The group interview session unto itself makes a favorable impression on candidates about your company and your employer brand.
  4. The process inherently drives higher levels of engagement from the participants who are much more authentic with their responses than in the traditional interview setting.  


Hourly recruitment continues to be one of the biggest parking industry challenges.  Use these tips to enhance your efforts.  For more tips on recruitment in parking, download our Hiring Guide by clicking below:

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